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I simply love Pole because the instructor and other polers are awesome and every week you improve - even by just a little milestone, and go home with a sense of achievement!
No pain no pole!

Kelly Lowing

"I can't rate Reigate pole fitness highly enough. The instructors are really knowledgeable about the subject, meaning you always get the best teaching, and the whole class is super friendly, even if you don't know anyone. I never feel afraid to ask questions, and the instructors make me feel safe trying out new moves. Not to mention the fact that I have noticed a considerable difference in my strength and body tone. It's the only exercise I do consistently so that shows how much fun it is."

Eleanor Bruce

"Pole has Introduced me to some amazing friends...improved my upper body strength....learnt some amazing moves....gave myself pole burn and generally have an awesome time every Thursday....Reigate Pole Fitness Rocks!!!!"

Gillian Mayhew

"Pole Fitness has Given me the incentive I needed to try and get my old body back into shape! NOTHING has been as effective as Pole at helping tone up the wobbly bits! I love Thursday nights"

Debbie Reason

"I know that I've said it before, but I am so glad I joined Reigate Pole Fitness. I have met some wonderful people, and made some awesome friends. I love coming to class each week, and am so proud of what I've achieved. If you told me 4 months ago I'd be up the pole doing the plank, I'd never have believed you. I know that I am an outwardly confident person, but I've always had problems with my body image. I am so proud of how I look now thanks to pole fit, and I'm wearing shorts - last time I wore shorts, I was 12!!!
Thank you SO much for everything you've all done. Love you all loads x x x"

Heather Hiller

"I've Met some amazingly lovely people, given me strength and motivation. And we all do amazing charity events and outings together...love it x x x"

Abi Palmer

"I can now do 'man' push ups, booyah!"

Eleanor Bruce

"Reigate Pole Classes has improved my fitness and strength. Made me much more confident. Introduced me to some amazing people. Pole sets me goals every week. If I cant do a pose that someone else can it makes me work harder so I can achieve it to."

Sarah Ellis

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